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What is CPDPS

Center for Population and Development Policy Studies 


The think tank relies on Public Administration and Public Policy National Philosophy and Social Sciences Innovation Base of Fudan University, further integrates knowledge of relative subject fields in FDU, probes into the construction of the public administration and public policy system in Chinese development process surrounding the issue of population and development. It sets up research teams aiming to the field of “population and development” on the base of the construction of research project and ability, integrates multiple data source and methods of social science research, establishes simulation laboratory for public administration and policy, enables itself to make policy modeling and quantitative analysis on major issues of social management and social policy, and to response to the needs of policy advice timely and effectively so as to provide scientific supports for the decision-making of government.


Our Advantages

  •  Research Team

    The construction of the think tank has a solid team foundation. The leader Prof Peng Xizhe has long been engaged in research and teaching of social development and public policy with the population problem as the center. He serves as the leader of his team, sets up the Fudan University’s Public Administration and Public Policy National Philosophy and Social Sciences Innovation Base (hereinafter referred to as the Base) with the team member. The Base has undertaken various research projects for over 70 projects, among which there are 2 major projects and 7 general projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China, 8 projects of The National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 key projects and 5 general projects of The Research Foundation from Ministry of Education, 2 supported projects of The National Key Technology R&D Program and one project of the “863 Program” of the Ministry of Science and Technology, over 30 projects on provincial and ministerial level like Ministry of Health and Shanghai Social Science Foundation and more than 10 international cooperative projects. In the respect of policy research, the think tank has made a series of researches on public management and social policy advice, provided more than 30 advice reports for CCP and government.

  •  Research Data

    The think tank, cooperated with relevant government departments in the Yangtze River Delta region, has made policy stimulation and analysis research on fields like population planning, evaluation of social development, reformation of household registration system, urban development planning and energy and environmental planning, which enables the think tank to accumulate a wealth of research methods, analytical techniques and simulation models.

  • The “Social Science Data Exchange and Sharing Platform of Fudan University”, jointly established by the think tank and the Social Science Data Center of FDU, is aimed at collecting, collating and developing data of the development of Chinese social economy and proprietary social science data source from FDU, as well as providing technological support to exchange, share and manage data for different subject and offering scholars more comparative research conditions and data services.
  • The think tank has built social scientific investigation system, together with the Social Science Data Center of FDU, aiming at providing support and service for different subjects in FDU to make sampling design, questionnaire production, survey execution, quality supervision, data processing and so on.
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